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If you have ever become drowsy while driving, you know how dangerous it can be to lose your focus. When we stop seeing clearly, we can get into trouble in a hurry.

As Christians, it is possible for us to let our spiritual focus become blurry. Some Christians have an undefined focus in their lives, which leads to inefficiency and uncertainty. Others have an unworthy focus because they spend their lives on what cannot satisfy them or please God. Many people have an unfulfilled focus, for they are unwilling to pay the price of obedience to the Lord.

Paul focused his life on God’s program. The driving force in his life was God’s command to work for the progress of the gospel. This progress in God’s program could be measured by the progress of God’s people. Paul wanted to invest his life in advancing God’s work by building laborers for the Lord.

Shirley Dixon
Shirley Dixon
Nov 26, 2023

Thank you very informative 😁👍🏾❤️

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