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Program- Arrange yearly programs for the church (i.e.) Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Church Anniversary, Pastoral and Associates Appreciations 

Pastor AB Wright Program- Pastor,  Elder Semonia Shepherd- Chairperson

Finance - Responsible for receiving finances and paying bills. Making sure there are finances for the vision. Dea. Louis Dixon- Finance Liaison, Sis. Juanita Jefferson- Manager

Administration- Responsible for facilitating information to different ministries in the Church. They assist with church bulletins, electronic information, hosting Zoom calls, updating office forms, appointments of marriage counseling, marriages, appointments for baby dedications, some condolences, and any information that is deemed necessary to the office of the Apostle, Senior Pastor, and entire ministry.

Pastor Latitia Adams- Lead Administrator

Sunday School- Promoting Religious education through the teaching of the word of God on Sundays.

Dr. Dolores Simpson- SS Pastor

Women's Ministry- Enhancing and building the women's ministry through teaching and programs.

Mo. Eva Felder- Director

Sister to Sister- Responsible for improving and strengthening the lives of women through teaching, discussions, and things that matter.

Sis. Treslyn Tolbert- Director

Men's Ministry- Building and enhancing our men through teaching and projects.

Dea. Herbert Whaley and Dea. Mike Salley- Co-Directors

Youth- Enhancing our youth through teaching and youth programs

Min. Tiha Allen- Youth Director

Dance- Enhancing our youth, teenagers, adults, and judah dancers through teaching and choreography.

Min. Shavonne Wigfall– Director/Choreographer

Purity- Enhancing our youth through teaching of values.

Min. Brittany Shider- Director

Hospitality- Responsible for preparing foods for special days "i.e." 5th Sunday love fellowships, conferences, and guest ministers.

Pastor Thomasena Simmons– Director

ERT- Responsible for keeping everyone safe during Church services and Rehearsals.

Dea. Joe Simmons- Director

Adjutants- Responsible for assisting Apostle, Elect Lady, Senior Pastor, Visiting Speakers, and House Speakers in ministering the word of God.

We Care- Responsible for sending condolences and flowers to the sick and bereaved.

Sis. Shirley Dixon- Director

Nurses- Responsible for providing health care to the leadership and membership when necessary. "i.e." Water, juice, blood pressure checks and general health concerns.

Sis. Elizabeth Simmons- Director

Musicians and Sound - Responsible for providing music for the ministry. Assisting other ministries with music and sound during worship, rehearsals and programs.

Min-Elect Sam Thomas- Lead Musician, Pastor Jonathan Simmons, Dea. Will Priester- Sound Leads

Praise and Worship- Responsible for exhorting and singing songs to lead the congregation in the presence of the Lord.

Min. Jerolyn Murray- Director

Production and Creativity Team- Responsible for website administration, the taping of broadcast, recordings, and videos for the ministry.  Assisting all ministries with all print media via flyers, announcements, and postings through social media channels on behalf of the ministry.  Making sure the quality is excellent for the production of the services and to project positive public relations within the community.

Pastor David Hartwell- Director

Family Enrichment- Responsible for teaching family involvement and life through the word of God and prayer. Sis. Treslyn Tolbert- Director

Marriage Enrichment– Responsible for teaching sound marriage advice through the word of God! How to improve and strengthen marriages.

Min. Montreal Ravenel– Director

Singles Ministry- Responsible for teaching single Christians how to live a sound Christian life through the word of God.

Min. Shavonne Wigfall- Director

Education- Responsible for teaching and training, leadership and development of teachers, and undergirding and supporting all ministries that desire to increase their knowledge, skills, and methods In order to improve their ministry.

Min. Jerolyn Murray- Director

Evangelism- Responsible for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community, state and around the world. This is to be done by passing out tracks, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, and revivals.

Pastor Stanley Shepherd – Director

Jethro Council- Consists of all leaders of the various ministries.  When it is deemed necessary, this auxiliary will be called together to receive updates, gather information, devise new policy methods and receive encouragement from leadership.

Overseer Christian A. Simmons, Senior Pastor

Scholarship Awards- Responsible for promoting our youth through education and awards. -

Sis. Teryn Thomas- Director

Guidance Counseling- Responsible for assisting and guiding our youth in education and informing them of the availability of higher learning.

Mo. Ruth Bowman- Director

Church Clerks- Responsible for recording a new membership and church resolutions.

Mo. Ruth Bowman- Director

Ushers- Responsible for welcoming and seating the congregation, maintaining order and directing the congregation during the worship service. After the benediction, responsible for directing congestion to exit the building.

Mo. Betty Morrison- Lay Pastor

New Members Modules- Responsible for teaching new members and informing them of ministry expectations.

Co-Pastor Lady Jan Simmons- Director

Food Bank Ministry- Responsible for distributing food to the poor and needy.

Pastor AB Wright- Director

Intercessory Prayer- To intercede on behalf of the ministry, church, community, country, and world.                Dr. Catherine Clark- Director

Corporate Prayer- Corporately pray for church ministry, family, country, world, and nation.                                  Co-Pastor Lady Jan Simmons- Director

Greeters- Responsible for welcoming the members and guests to the New Bethel worship experience.            Sis. Debra Johnson– Director

Deacons - Responsible for serving the membership and assisting leadership in the temporal and spiritual affairs of the ministry.

Deacons: Lead

Class #1- Dea. J. Simmons 

Class# 2-Dea. D. Shuler

Class #3-Dea. L. Dixon

Class # 4- Dea. E. Henry

Class # 5- Dea. R. Brown

Class # 6- Dea. H. Whaley 

Class# 7- Dea. W. Priester

Class#8-Dea. V. Greene

Class# 9- Dea. E. Morrison

Class# 10- Jr Dea. D. Ladson

Deacons: Assistant

Dea. M. Simmons

Dea. A .Simmons

Dea. E. Johnson 

Dea. A. Wright

Dea. A. Simmons

Dea. M. Salley

Dea. R. Brown

Dea. L .Way

Dea. A. Singleton

Board Of Directors (BOD) - Oversees and administers the legal matters of the ministry.

Apostle Allen H. Simmons- Chairman 


Shepherd's Care- Takes concern for the shepherds and the first family.


Ordained Elders- Assist the Apostle and Pastors in teaching, preaching and rituals of the full gospel of Jesus Christ.


Regular Ministers- Assist in teaching, through ministry and service, the gospel of Jesus Christ.


International/ Foreign Missions- Assisting in providing training, teaching, information and travels to Jamaica and Africa.

Mo. Eva Samuels,  Mo. Ella King,  Pastor Thomasena Simmons- Co-Directors​​

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