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History seems to go on cycles. It is often said that the only thing man learns from history is that he does not learn from history. When we look at the various empires, kingdoms, and powerful nations in the world history, it’s soon becomes clear that each one follow the pattern that eventually lead to instruction. Today we see once strong and prosperous nations following the same course.

The Bible says, “whatsoever a man Soweto, that shall he also reap“ Galatians 6:7. The same is true of nations.

The biblical principles, clear, and history abundantly confirms it. Without repentance and spiritual awakening, countries will fall by the wayside of history-all because they have not learn from history.

The children of Israel did not learn from history, either. Despite glorious victories (see previous lesson) and ignominious defeat due to sin (see next lesson), they continue to fall into sin and idolatry, leading to harsh servitude. Let God remain faithful.

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