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Word Study: rereward

the troops in the rear of an army on the march, the rear-guard. Numbers 10:25, Joshua 6:9, 13; figurative of God Isaiah 52:12.

The term "rear-guard" refers to a group of individuals or military forces positioned at the rear or back of a formation, convoy, or group. The primary purpose of a rear-guard is to provide protection and security to the group by watching for and defending against any threats or attacks that may come from behind.

In military contexts, rear-guards are often used during tactical maneuvers, retreats, or when a group is vulnerable to attacks from pursuing forces. They are responsible for maintaining the safety and integrity of the group, preventing surprise attacks, and ensuring that no threats approach from the rear.

The concept of a rear-guard is not limited to the military and can be applied in other contexts as well. For example, in a non-military context, a rear-guard can refer to individuals or measures taken to protect the rear or last portion of a group, organization, or convoy. This can be relevant in logistics, sports, business, and various other situations where security or protection from behind is necessary.

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