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1. It was entirely appropriate that our Saviour die the death of a criminal, for He was dying for violators of God’s law—sinners (Matthew 27:38). 2. We must not allow mockery to shake our faith; it is merely an attempt by the wicked to justify their own unbelief (Matthew 27:39-44). 3. The suffering Christ endured should remind us of how deep our sin is before God (Matthew 27:45-46). 4. The most heartfelt expressions of God’s people will often be ridiculed and mocked by the enemies of Christ (Matthew 27:47-49). 5. Jesus’ life was not taken from Him; He freely gave His life so that we can have everlasting life (Matthew 27:50; John 10:15-18). 6. Christ’s death guarantees the believer both free access to God and future resurrection unto eternal life (Matthew 27:51-54).

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