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God wants His children to rejoice over His love and His blessings, even in the midst of trying times. During those times, we still have the reassurance that He is in complete control and that things do work for the best for those who love Him and are called by Him (Rom 8:28). Only mature believers, however, are able to find that kind of joy when they are going through great difficulty, for their faith has been tried before.

In spite of the many blessings of life, there is always present with us a sense of uncertainty about the future.

One of the uncertainties we may face is a move from one location to another or from one situation to something else. We usually do what we can to research the possible outcomes before making the change. Joshua and the children of Israel were waiting near the Jordan River for God to lead them across it and into the land of Canaan. There were many unknowns; so Joshua determined to do some research ahead of time.


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