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Jesus 's teaching on prayer is quite extensive. Especially in his Sermon on the Mount. He taught his disciples about prayer. He taught them to pray for their enemies (Matt 5:44-45) and to pray in private and with simplicity (6:5-8).

Jesus also taught the need to be persistent in prayer (Matt 7:7-11) and to pray with humility (Luke 18:9-14). He taught that prayer must be made in his name- this is, on the basis of his character and his authority (John 14:13-14). And, of course, Jesus gave his disciples a model prayer (Luke 11:1-4).

As important as this teaching is, it is dramatically enhanced by his own personal experience.

Jesus's prayer in John 17 is better described as the “Lord's Prayer” then his model prayer in Luke 11. It is the most extensive prayer of Jesus recorded in the gospels. It reminds us of the importance of prayer in Jesus life, but it is more than a mere example. It reveals the heart of Jesus, and it focuses first on his disciples and then on future believers. It is a prayer for us!

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