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THE LESSON BACKGROUND. Our lesson takes place on the night following the eating of the Passover meal by Jesus and His disciples. Later that evening the LORD instituted the LORD’s Supper (see Matthew 26:17-25). Judas had earlier made arrangements with the chief priests to betray Jesus to them (see Matthew 26:14-16). After establishing the LORD’s Supper as a memorial (see Luke 22:19-20), Jesus and His disciples sang a hymn and left the upper room and headed out to the Mount of Olives (see Matthew 26:30). As they walked, Jesus made a startling announcement to His disciples. He stated that each of them would be offended (or would desert Him) because of Him that very night would (see Matthew 26:31). Led by Peter, the disciples responded to Jesus’ revelation by affirming that they would die on the LORD’s behalf (see Matthew 26:33-35). What they didn’t know was that their resolve to stay with Jesus no matter what, was soon to be tested. This is where our lesson begins.

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