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Since every evangelist (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) presented the life and work of Jesus Christ from a unique perspective, each writer emphasize certain aspects of the Lord’s, teaching and ministry. The gospel of Matthew was directed towards a Jewish audience.

Somehow suggested that Matthew presents Jesus as the new Moses. Just as there are five books of Moses, so there are five major discourses in Matthew. Just as Moses receive God‘s law on a mountain, so Christ delivered his new law from the mountain. Picking up from last week, we look at another portion of Jesus‘s sermon on the mount.

Whereas Moses conveyed, God’s law, to the new nation of Israel, Jesus raise the sights of his followers. Israel was God’s, chosen people, but they were still in earthly kingdom and prone to earthly shortcomings. Jesus was looking towards God‘s perfect kingdom. It has not yet come in full, visible power, but all followers of Christ represent the king. We need to reflect his light to the world around us.

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