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1. God’s Word can come to us at anytime; so we must be ready to receive it (Jeremiah 26:1).

2. God expects His people to study His Word and to listen to those who explain it (Jeremiah 26:4-5; Romans 10:14-17).

3. Religious institutions are blessed only when the people in charge of those institutions are obedient to God (Jeremiah 26:6).

4. Just because people claim to belong to God does not mean that they will always heed His message or His messengers (Jeremiah 26:7-9).

5. We should not be more concerned about preserving material structures than we are about the spiritual condition of people (Jeremiah 26:10-11).

6. Pleasing God should be more important to us than pleasing men, even when loyalty to Him seems to threaten our personal safety (Jeremiah 26:12-15; Acts 4:19-20).

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