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“Oh, for grace to trust Him more“

Grace and peace unto you!!

My name is Sis.Kelli Reid, of course I’m a Saint Paul FBH (now Sound of Praise) baby.

I practically grew up in Newark/Roselle area but lived in North Carolina. Now that I’m older , I’m now a mother of one, she’s an intelligent young lady and a true blessing from God!

I love to Sing, Direct a choir, write up something, and I’m so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with this Gift to help spread the anointing. I don’t have a title per se but when I speak from the heart, people receive the word and that’s good enough for me. Well that’s enough about me so far. Looking forward to reconnecting with the ones I’m familiar with and connecting with the ones who I have yet to meet. God Bless You and I love you!!!

SiSReid💫 (Davis Descendant )

SiSReid💫 (Davis Descendant )

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