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This week’s lesson is actually a lesson in prayer. In response to God’s offer which was a test for Moses (see Numbers 14:12), Moses interceded for the people of Israel. His intercession contains wonderful instruction on how to pray and guarantee that prayer will be heard and answered. Prayer that always receives what it seeks sounds too good to be true; but it is true. In his prayer, Moses appealed to God’s glory and honor in asking for the pardon of His rebellious people. That really contains the key to effective prayer. When we seek God’s heart in prayer, we are assured that He will hear and answer our prayer (see John 15:7; I John 5:14). Moses sought and found the heart of God in his intercessory prayer for the nation of Israel. Instead of seeking his own glory, which he had an opportunity to do; Moses sought the glory of God. May we learn to do the same.


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