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Sunday School

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1. No one has been given more faith than anyone else, for we all were given a measure of precious faith (II Peter 1:1; Romans 12:3).

2. God’s grace and peace can be multiplied in us as we know Him better (II Peter 1:2).

3. God gives His children all the things necessary to live for Him; we just need to apply what He supplies (II Peter 1:3; Deuteronomy 2:7).

4. Since a promise is only as sure as the one who makes it, we need never fear receiving what God has promised (II Peter 1:4).

5. The Christian life is not a life of luxury; it requires diligent effort to grow to maturity (II Peter 1:5-9; Philippians 2:12).

6. Continued diligence is evidence that we are the children of God (II Peter 1:10-11; Matthew 24:13).

7. We should strive or endeavor to help others persevere in the faith (II Peter 1:12-14; I Thessalonians 5:11).

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