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It was the evening before the Passover and Jesus and His disciples had gathered in an upper room to eat what would be His final Passover meal (see Mark 14:12-18). But the disciples were about to experience the greatest trial of their lives. In a short while, the LORD, to whom they looked for spiritual guidance and comfort would be tried and sentenced to die on the cross. Before eating, Jesus washed His disciple’s feet to teach them humility (see John 13:1-20). As they sat down to eat, Jesus announced that one of His disciples would betray Him (see Matthew 26:17-25; Mark 14:18-21; John 13:21-27). Once this Passover meal ended, Judas departed to do his evil deed (see John 13:30-31). Then Jesus instituted the LORD’s Supper (Holy Communion) and declared that Peter would deny Him three times that night before the cock crowed (see Mark 14:22-32; John 13:36-38). This is where our lesson begins.

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