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After giving a complete teaching on the doctrine of justification and sanctification in chapters 3-5, the Apostle Paul in chapter 6 expressed how Christians are identified with Christ. In chapter 7 he discussed the conflict between our two natures, the spiritual and the carnal which he continued through chapter 8. In Romans 8:26-27, Paul declared that sometimes we don’t know what to pray for, and in those instances the Holy Spirit acts as our Intercessor. The apostle made it clear that the Holy Spirit groans with us and feels the burdens of our weaknesses and suffering. Jesus also groaned when He saw what sin was doing to mankind (see Mark 7:34; John 11:33, 38). But the Spirit does more than groan for us. He prays for us in His groaning so that we might be led into the will of God because we don’t always know God’s will. We don’t always know how to pray, but the Spirit intercedes so that we might live in the will of God in spite of suffering. In other words, the Spirit “shares the burden.” This is where our lesson begins.

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