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Sunday School

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1. Those who serve God with great love will be first to witness His greatest wonders (John 20:1; Luke 8:3). 2. How easy it is to jump to a wrong conclusion because all the facts are not known (John 20:2). 3. When we search after the truth, God desires to reveal Himself to us (John 20:3-4; Jeremiah 29:13). 4. Jesus Christ graciously provides all the facts we need to know about Him, but we must make the effort to “stoop and look” (John 20:5). 5. Those who don’t know God’s Word are limited to only sight experiences (John 20:6-10). 6. In times of fear and uncertainty, believers find strength in fellowship (John 20:19). 7. Jesus brings peace and confidence when He enters our fearful situations (John 20:20).

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