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Sunday School

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INTRODUCTION. Very often we may receive appeals from charities to give used clothing, appliances, or household goods. However, they won’t take just anything. They don’t want junk! They don’t want clothing with patches or holes for they specify “gently used” clothing. Appliances that no longer work are unacceptable as are broken lamps, dressers, or bed frames. Giving damaged items like these will only insult those they are supposed to help. Since we place limits on the quality of gifts we give to others, shouldn’t we also place even more limits on the quality of gifts we give to God? For sure, Scripture makes it clear that only the best pleases Him. God isn’t satisfied or happy with leftovers or even “gently used” things. Even His willingness to receive us as sinners is based solely on the fact that He sees us through Jesus Christ. God gave His chosen people strict rules about the offerings they brought to Him so that they would bring Him only the best. This week’s lesson shows that the principle of giving God the best is set forth in His commandments to Israel.

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