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Sunday School

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1. If the perfect Son of God had to endure testing, how much more do we (Matthew 4:1)? 2. Temptations come to us in our weakest moments and in our direst need (Matthew 4:2-3; James 1:14). 3. Our desire for God’s Word should exceed even our desire for physical provisions (Matthew 4:4). 4. God’s promises are not given to us so that we can test Him or show off our faith (Matthew 4:5-7). 5. Let us always be vigilant, for even the godliest people can be tempted by the worst sins (Matthew 4:8-9). 6. God’s Word as it is known, understood, and consistently applied is our best defense against Satan’s temptations (Matthew 4:10). 7. If we endure the testing of our faith faithfully, God’s comfort will be upon us, never to forsake us (Matthew 4:11; James 1:12). 8. God has a purpose for everything He does (Matthew 4:12-13; Ecclesiastes 3:1; Isaiah 14:24; Romans 8:28).

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