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1. In many people today, unbelief does not want facts, only comfort in its rejection of truth (Acts 4:6-7).

2. Miracles are not only aids to faith, but can also be grounds for judgment (Acts 4:8-11).

3. Rejecting the only Saviour, Jesus Christ, means no salvation at all (Acts 4:12; John 3:36).

4. The way to become noticeably like the LORD Jesus is to purposefully spend time with Him (Acts 4:13).

5. Unbelief is sinful because it is not ignorance, but a denial of known truth (Acts 4:14-16; I John 5:10).

6. True freedom of speech and expression is possible only where people accept God’s truth (Acts 4:17-18).

7. Christians need to exercise boldness to speak the truth even though it may cause controversy and opposition (Acts 4:19-21).


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