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Sunday School

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1. People’s memories of the so-called good old days are often very selective and very wrong (Numbers 11:4-6).

2. Complaining is a vexation both to the LORD and to spiritual leaders (Numbers 11:10).

3. The responsibilities the LORD gives us are not always pleasant ones (Numbers 11:11-12).

4. When the burdens we have been given to bear seem too much for us, we can still bring them to God in prayer (Numbers 11:13-15).

5. Because the LORD is deeply concerned about our weakness, He will always provide what we need to do His will (Numbers 11:16-17).

6. Be careful not to persist in rebelling against the LORD because He just may give you over to your sinful desires (Numbers 11:18-20).

7. The LORD can give us what we need all by Himself (see (Numbers 11:21-23).

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