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THE LESSON BACKGROUND. This week’s lesson takes place during the early days of the Jerusalem church. The followers of Christ had been endowed by the Holy Ghost, causing these believers to boldly proclaim the gospel to thousands (see Acts 2:1-40), many of whom were converted to Christ as the LORD added to the church daily as many as should be saved (see Acts 2:41-47). The apostles also performed miracles of healing. One such miracle of healing was done by Peter and John at the temple gate called Beautiful where they healed a lame man (see Acts 3:1-8). This particular miracle had both positive and negative results. Positively, many people who witnessed the man’s healing ran to Peter and John in amazement which gave Peter the opportunity to preach his second recorded sermon (see Acts 2:14-36; 3:12-26). Negatively, as a result of this healing, opposition arose from outside the church led by the Jewish religious leaders who felt threatened by this new movement (see Acts 4:1-2). Peter and John were taken into custody by the religious leaders, but their persecution only served to strengthen the church which continued to grow (see Acts 4: 4). While in custody of the Jewish religious leaders, they were brought before them and questioned about the healing of the lame man. Our lesson begins with Peter and John facing the Sanhedrin council.

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