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1. As believers, we can be in what we consider our safe space and still face opposition to our faith (John 18:1-3).

2. We should not be disappointed if our friends choose not to stand with us during our trials (John 18:4-5; Psalms 41:9).

3. Sinners often find it hard to accept who Jesus really is (John 18:6-7).

4. When we belong to Jesus, we are assured of His protection (John 18:8-9; 10:27-28).

5. As believers in Jesus Christ, our battle is spiritual and must be fought with spiritual weapons not physical ones (John 18:10-11; Ephesians 6:11-17).

6. Although we belong to Jesus, there may be times when our legal system will treat us like criminals when we may not be (John 18:12-13).

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