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In the closing verses of Romans chapter 8, the Apostle Paul wrote about the love of Christ and how believers can never be separated from it (see Romans 8:31-39). Then Paul immediately thought about his own Jewish people who were separated from that love, because they had rejected Jesus Christ. Paul had once been among the unbelieving Jews, but now he longed to see them saved just like he was. In Romans 9:1-7, Paul, a Jew himself, expressed his deep personal sorrow over his people’s rejection of the Messiah as he illustrated the distinction between those who were natural born Jews and those who were spiritual Jews (see Romans 9:8-13). He then defended God’s right to make that distinction by reminding his readers that God’s mercy is under His sovereign will (see Romans 9:14-24). Paul closes chapter 9 with a message confirming that the prophets had foretold that God would show mercy to the Gentiles receiving them into salvation by faith (see Romans 9:25-33). Our lesson comes from chapter 10.

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