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In this week’s lesson, we consider the ministry of the Prophet Jeremiah. He was also a priest from the small town of Anathoth which was about three miles northeast of Jerusalem. As we consider the ministry of Jeremiah, we quickly learn that never did a man seem so badly suited to the heavy responsibility of being called to be the conscience of a nation. Jeremiah began his ministry protesting his youth and inexperience to God: “Ah LORD God! behold, I cannot speak ; FOR I am a child” (see Jeremiah 1:6). When the religious establishment spoke against him, he complained to Jehovah saying “I am in derision daily, every one mocketh me” (see Jeremiah 20:7). Of course, it wasn’t easy to be the voice for God in Judah. At one point he wanted to quit, for he said “Then I said, I will not make mention of him (the LORD), nor speak any more in his name” (see Jeremiah 20:9). But our lesson reveals the heart of a man who must deliver an unpopular message not long before the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon.

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