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Do you consider yourself to be a complainer? Most of us would not to like to think of ourselves as complainers, but instead as people who just see things realistically. But if we were to ask those close to us, we might get a different opinion. The truth is that most of us do our share of complaining and we generally think it’s quite justifiable. But if we looked honestly at our complaints, we might be surprised to discover that they are prompted by previous negative biases and not by legitimate concerns at all. People who work in the customer service department of a business usually have to take customer complaints. In general, these employees had nothing to do with creating the problems they hear about. Such an unenviable position is similar to Moses’ situation in this week’s lesson. He often bore the brunt of the complaints of the people of Israel. However, when the people complained about Moses, they were really complaining about God, for He had appointed Moses as their leader.

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