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Micah was a contemporary of Hosea in the northern kingdom of Israel and Isaiah in the southern kingdom of Judah. Micah’s hometown was Moresheth-Gath (see Micah 1:14), located in Judah about twenty-five miles southwest of Jerusalem, near the Philistine city of Gath. Although Micah primarily preached to the people in Judah, he also had some words for Israel (see Micah 1:1). Micah received his messages via visions from the LORD (see Micah 1:1), and in Micah 1:3-7, the prophet spoke of the judgment God would bring upon both Israel and Judah referring to them as Samaria and Jerusalem, the capital cities of Israel and Judah respectively. In the remaining portion of chapter 1, Micah describes the weeping and mourning that will take place (see Micah 1:8-16). Then in chapter 2:1, he spoke out against those who lay awake at night, plotting wickedness and then getting up at dawn to carry out their schemes simply because they could. Micah declared that when these wicked people wanted a certain piece of land or someone else’s house (although it was all they had), they would take it by fraud and threats of violence (see Micah 2:2). The prophet declared that the LORD God said that He would reward their evil with evil; nothing could stop Him; never again will His people be proud and haughty after He’s finished with them (see Micah 2:3). Our lesson begins with verse 4.

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