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After the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, they spent some time in Rephidim (see Exodus 17:1; 19:1-2). They camped at Mount Sinai for about two years (see Numbers 1:1). During that time (see Exodus 19:1-40:38), God gave His people the Law to regulate their lives once they entered the Promised Land, and He also gave them instructions for constructing the Tabernacle including the furniture for it. As time went on, God gave His people instructions for the various sacrifices and offerings they were to make to Him (see Leviticus chapters 1-7). Then, God commanded Moses to consecrate or ordain Aaron and his sons to the newly established priesthood (see Leviticus chapter 8). God then told Moses to give Aaron directions for offering a sin offering, a burnt offering and a peace offering for both himself and the people (see Leviticus 9:6-22). When Aaron finished offering these sacrifices, he and Moses came out of the tabernacle and God sent fire that consumed the burnt offering which indicated that He accepted the offering and approved of Aaron as high priest (see Leviticus 9:23-24). This fire from the LORD was to be kept burning by the priests all the time to be used for the burnt offerings (Leviticus 6:12-13). Our lesson comes from chapter 10.

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