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INTRODUCTION. When God delivered Israel from bondage, He was faithful in giving them a system of worship. He provided the design of the tabernacle, and every item needed to properly worship Him. The planning, preparation and setting up of the tabernacle took a lot of work. It fact, it was a year after they left Egypt before everything was ready and the tabernacle was set up. God also prepared two men, Bezalel, from the tribe of Judah and Aholiab from the tribe Dan, whom He filled with the Spirit of God gifting them with skill, ability and knowledge in all kinds of artistic craftsmanship (see Exodus 35:30-33). These two men were also gifted to teach others their skills to help in constructing the tabernacle (see Exodus 35:34-35; 36:1). The key to this week’s lesson however, is that God planned it all and gave Moses the instructions that he carried out just as the LORD had commanded. The objects constructed for the tabernacle and the procedures to be followed are types and symbols of the work of our LORD Jesus in redeeming us from sin. Therefore, it is profitable for us to study the tabernacle to understand more of God’s grace and provision for our salvation.

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