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INTRODUCTION. The crucifixion was the greatest demonstration of God’s love and grace, but it was also the greatest example of human depravity and injustice. It was one of the cruelest methods of execution ever devised. The Phoenicians originated this barbaric practice, and it was adopted by the Romans and used extensively by them. However, Roman citizens were exempt from this type of punishment. In dying for us, Jesus suffered unimaginable pain—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Matthew’s description of the crucifixion helps us sense the awful abuse that Jesus endured. A person condemned to be crucified would usually be forced to carry the crossbeam of his cross to the execution site. The victim was nailed to the cross with his knees slightly bent so that he would have to seesaw up and down in order to breathe. Death would come slowly with excruciating pain. Along with the pain came the shame of being made a public display. Jesus, the Son of God, submitted to such treatment for us. In this week’s lesson, we will review the details of His atoning death.

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