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BACKGROUND FOR THE LESSON. After the Hebrews were released from Egyptian bondage, Moses led them to Mount Sinai, where God gave him His Law which included the Ten Commandments (see Exodus 19:1-3: 20:1-17). The fourth and most extensive commandment dealt with the Sabbath Day. Our lesson text takes place after God called Moses to Mount Sinai for the second time (see Exodus 24:3-18). During this time, God gave Moses instructions for the tabernacle and the Aaronic priesthood (see Exodus 25:1-31:11). When the LORD finished giving those instructions to Moses, He reminded him of Israel’s Sabbath Day obligations that were given earlier as part of the Ten Commandments. This was probably necessary in order to prevent anyone from working on the tabernacle on the Sabbath. Even though preparing the tabernacle was a sacred task, God wanted the people to know that there were no exceptions when keeping the Sabbath. Our lesson begins with God speaking to Moses and giving additional details concerning the Sabbath Day observance.