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Sunday School

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In Scotland, a young woman began teaching a Sunday School class of poverty-stricken boys. The most unpromising youngster was a boy named Bob. After the first 2 or 3 Sundays, he did not return; so the teacher went to look for him. Although the Sunday School superintendent had given Bob some new clothes, they were already worn and dirty when the teacher found him. He was given another new suit, and he came back to Sunday School. But soon he quit again, and the teacher went out once more to find him.

When she did, she discovered that the second set of clothes had gone the way of the first. "I am completely discouraged about Bob," she told the superintendent. They gave Bob a third suit of clothes, and this time he began to attend faithfully. It was not long until he became a Christian.

Who was the obstinate, ragged boy? He was none other than Robert Morrison, who later became the first Protestant Missionary to China. He translated the Bible into Chinese and brought the Word of God to millions. When Jesus chose His disciples they did not appear to be the most promising group; yet He know they would grow and become powerful ministers, reaching thousands.

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