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1. One mark of a man or woman of God is that he or she will choose to intercede for sinful people rather that receive a special privilege (see Number 14:13-19).

2. The foundation of effective intercession is the desire for the LORD to be glorified (Numbers 14:13-16, 21).

3. God’s mercy and longsuffering are both perfect (Numbers 14:18-19; II Peter 2:9).

4. When we follow Moses’ pattern of interceding on the basis of God’s glory and His mercy, we can hope for the same good results (Numbers 14:20).

5. If we test the LORD, even though He forgives our sin, He may still chastise and discipline us for it (Numbers 14:20-23).

6. When we take a stand for the LORD, He will reward us (Numbers 14:24).